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    Massage chair installation, Wang Qirui massage chair 6 processes and 6 parameters to take you to und
    2022-12-16 17:30:14

      Massage chair installation, Wang Qirui massage chair 6 processes and 6 parameters to take you to understand.

      Massage chair quality or not, only from the massage chair leather material, the precision of the rail steel frame, the stability of the main board program, massage chair installation of humane, etc., these four main aspects to measure the comparison. Wang Qirui massage chair of the 6 processing procedures and 6 parameters, but also let Vietnamese customers sigh.

      Massage chair manufacturers now use the massage chair accessories, many are outsourced parts assembly production, which is familiar to everyone in the massage chair industry market statistics, high mass production, massage chair prices are cheap. There are also massage chair manufacturers to produce their own massage chairs, but the workshop only according to the production department's process sheet to produce, basically do not consider the production standards of massage chairs, the use of scenarios, and quality control standards, as long as the assembly can move, noise noise is not on it. That is, the same production standards, simplified assembly standards, to correspond to different types of massage chairs.

      Azhong from Vietnam, mainly responsible for the procurement of luxury massage chairs, some of the requirements are jokingly referred to by peers as oddball requirements. Due to process limitations or lack of quality control awareness, many massage chair manufacturers do not dare to take his orders. Just last month, our old customer KEVIN in Vietnam sent a video, introducing Ah Zhong to me, the moment of meeting, let me be surprised. Perhaps he was really anxious, straight to the point of his massage chair on the open, KEVIN in a translation, he has a single massage chair in the massage chair installation and disassembly maintenance is very inconvenient, asked my massage chair installation is convenient?

      I saw him turn to the back of the massage chair, the electronic control box and the back cover removed, but the helmet and armrest screws to wait for the backrest screws to unscrew, backrest screws to open the back cover to reach the massage chair inside the screws screwed to remove, so that he broke a few speaker wire, he felt that the massage chair installation so much trouble is too inhumane, and massage chairs with a period of time, the movement is always a strange noise, the hand controller has When poor contact is very unstable. Azhong two hands, what is the solution?

      I jokingly asked him, how you suddenly come to us. He smiled and pointed to KEVIN, he told me that if a number of massage chair manufacturers continuous proofing is not satisfied, you can only find Wang Qirui massage chair to try. I told him directly, KEVIN said right, you also came to the right, these massage chairs are outsourced parts assembly production, in the process, precision and stability are constrained, give me 2 weeks time, to you to play a sample of our massage chairs you test under.

      1 month later, Ah Zhong asked how much time we need to produce 200 massage chairs. It seems that the quality of Wang Qirui massage chair samples, so he was satisfied.

      Wang Qirui massage chair why did the peer can not do, or unwilling to do the massage chair? Wang Qirui massage chairs, including the motherboard, guide rails steel frame, etc., the core components of the peer outsourcing, one hundred and eighty-five percent independent research and development open mold production, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the massage chair, not only six processes, but also make the massage chair installation and disassembly more convenient, there are six parameters indicators as a guarantee of quality:

      1, leather processing, only use ROHS standard, formaldehyde free GB20400-2006 standard ≥ A standard, harmful heavy metals SGS standard leather. Parameter requirements: tensile compliance test greater than 300N, wear resistance scratch test 10 + million times, color fastness test up to level 4, odor test level 2.

      2、Sewing processing, the whole leather cover flat, no obvious folds, broken, correct turning seams, neatly pressed lines, smooth wrapping edge. All stitching should be clean, neat, consistent, firm, and not loose during normal use. Parameter requirements: outer fabric part exposed thread less than 3mm, lining fabric part exposed thread less than 5mm, stitch length control at 0.4cm, error not more than 0.25mm, needle carriage load test 200N or more, beautiful and durable wear not open line.

      3, rail steel frame processing, the process of applying force can not have obvious shaking, the movement fixed plate can not have bending, deformation, fracture phenomenon, no structural damage, loosening, disassembly and installation of clear identification. Parameter requirements: the use of steel thickness 1.5mm-2.0mm, de-sharpening anti-rust treatment, back load 70kg, sitting load 50kg, foot load 25kg test, life test 1000h, the prototype function can not appear abnormal.

      4, the main board program processing, the system program whether from the bottom or functional modules are designed by their own writing, source control in their own hands, interface identification clear, reasonable layout, customization and modification, not by any third party. Fast, spend less money and more stable.

      5, electric actuator processing, the use of fast heat dissipation aluminum alloy base, internal rod, low noise. Parameter requirements: load thrust ≦ 4000n, 30,000 times telescopic test without breakage, smooth operation, safer, the general business can not do.

      6, factory pre-process, 15 minutes function testing, and strive to each product is free of defects. Parameters required: automatic copy 3 minutes, silent detection 9 minutes, manual reset 3 minutes.

      Wang Qirui massage chair 6 processes and 6 parameters, peers may be able to think, but in most cases can not do, find Wang Qirui purchase massage chair, quality than insurance companies are still insurance, service than customers are still customers.

      Less stress, sleep well! Wang Qirui massage chairs.

      Welcome to contact massage chairs Wang Huaping.

      Company website: http://www.eb-r.com

      Address: No. 146, Yinsha Gang, Fuan City, Fujian Province

      Telephone: 0593-6666506

      Cell phone WeChat:13850385558

      QQ E-mail: 377708389@qq.com


      Contact person:Massage chair Wang Huaping


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