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        What is the best domestic massage chair? I do not know, Wang Qirui massage chair editor can only tell you what you should pay attention to.
        2022-10-16 16:43:49

        What is the best domestic massage chair? I do not know, Wang Qirui massage chair editor can only tell you what you should pay attention to.

        Engaged in massage chair production and research and development for 12 years, the best domestic massage chair I really do not know, but these massage chair notes you need to know.

        Massage chairs are produced in Japan, although the domestic than the late start, the last decade ushered in the rapid development of a number of technology patents, and now the domestic massage chair standards can be on par with international standards, even Panasonic massage chairs, Fuji massage chairs are also produced in China, but the working principle of massage chairs is relatively simple, the industry entry threshold is low, especially the hardware manufacturing developed Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian. Almost three or four people can run a small workshop to assemble the production of massage chairs, it is precisely this, the production of massage chair manufacturers, and massage chair market is a mixed bag, there is no consumer recognized trusted massage chair brand, consumers in the purchase of massage chairs, do not know which brand of massage chair is good? The best domestic massage chairs are produced by which factory? What massage chairs are good? What brand massage chair is good?

        In the massage chair overcapacity, homogenization is serious today, many consumers for the best domestic massage chairs to understand, mostly by massage chair manufacturers, massage chair businessmen themselves, which also gives many massage chair brands false exaggerated propaganda and mislead your opportunity. But also in such a large environment, many small workshops want to survive will need to think of another way. In order to reduce costs on the outsourcing of accessories to assemble massage chairs, not hesitating to cut corners, substandard to maximize profits. This has caused uneven quality of massage chairs, there are numerous defects and safety accidents.

        Massage chairs small workshops think of the first way to naturally reduce the cost of raw materials, such as their own funds without technology and development capabilities, the use of outsourcing raw materials, and then in the iron frame structure, walking structure, airbag air pump valve, motherboard, leather and other aspects of jerry-building false label configuration. For example.

        1, the standard steel frame of the steel pipe thickness is 1.5mm, in order to reduce costs changed to the thickness of 0.8mm-1.2mm steel pipe, this can be judged in the weight.

        2, the walking structure metal material changed to plastic material.

        3, gas flow 32KPA service life of more than 4300 hours of silent air pump, changed to gas flow 18KPA service life of less than 600 hours of air pump

        4, no formaldehyde, no heavy metal environmental protection leather, changed to formaldehyde heavy metal exceed the standard of PVC leather.

        These are difficult to be seen in the appearance, only when consumers buy back to use will feel the massage chair comfort, noise, safety and other aspects of the defect.

        Massage chairs small workshop's second approach is naturally to simplify the production process and testing standards, and even no inspection test directly assembled production, so do to reduce the cost of labor and testing, when quality problems arise rip-off, pulling black customers and after-sales unattended and other risks. Low price vicious competition, massage chair manufacturers in order to grab orders to low prices as a gimmick to attract customers, and then find ways to reduce costs, resulting in uneven quality massage chairs, then they will go some of the low-end market, hard to get by.

        The best domestic massage chair I do not know, but Wang Qirui massage chair would rather risk losing customers to adhere to the real material, but also do not use jerry-built materials that you know will not work. Reject the industry chaos, 85% of the components are self-developed mold production, 6 additional safety protection, has insisted on the use of ROHS standard materials, massage chairs have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, for six consecutive years customers did not have a quality accident complaints, there is no one quality returns, so that peers admire.

        Tired, tired, looking for Wang Qirui massage chair.

        Welcome to contact Wang Qirui massage chair.

        Company website: http://www.eb-r.com

        Company Address: No. 146, Yinsha Gang, Fuan City, Fujian Province

        Telephone: 0593-6666506

        Cell phone WeChat:13850385558

        QQ E-mail: 377708389@qq.com



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